A father's gifts can't make up for his neglect.

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Jeff Ronan April 29, 2021

The Forever Friends

The Forever Friends is five-year-old Billy’s favorite show. He couldn’t imagine life without Lucy Goosey, Golly-Gee, the twins Tuck & Tick, and their leader, Hambone. If he’s lucky, he won’t have to imagine.

Monica Louzon November 19, 2020

San Cibernético

An orphan discovers a mummified cyborg while hiding from scientists on his worldship and turns it into a cult saint.

Ai Jiang December 10, 2021


A house down the street catches my attention. It sits half painted, the other half peeling white, with a quarter of the driveway paved. The cracks are still visible. A shadow passes by one window in the upper level. It looks like my daughter. I know it can’t be. I left her shadow inside the new house.

MJ Mars October 20, 2020

In Bocca al Lupo

When climate change brings about the New Ice Age, along with the hatching of a hoard of monstrous Ningen, it is down to the five remaining members of the Polaris military base to lure the monsters to their doom. Only, the theory behind the lure isn’t all that sound. And the Ningen are like nothing they have ever faced before.

Martín Merino December 17, 2021


The more followers you have, the more important you are.

Colleen Anderson November 19, 2021

King’s Suit

You need fine clothes to make the man.

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