What We Look For at the Night Market

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Would you like another?

Michael Meyerhofer November 5, 2021

The Ledge

The best spot on the ledge is still just a spot on a ledge.

brianlow September 1, 2021

Have You Seen This Hungry Ghost?

In a story that combines traditional Chinese culture with futuristic technology, the protagonist searches for a deceased friend, but carries sinister designs for their reunion.

Aisling Campbell October 31, 2020


A predatory young man chooses the wrong girl to follow home from the Halloween disco.

Merethe Walther October 20, 2020


A horrified mother catches her young daughter sneaking outside to get her first glimpse of snow.

Avra Margariti March 2, 2022

Soft Eternity

She relinquished her control
Into my steady hands, the untamed part
Of her that had split open throats
And hearts through heaviest of armors.

Mark Towse October 20, 2020

Forever Autumn

A crow stares at a man through the window of a cabin in the woods. What does it know? What will it do?

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