Every dreadful thing we’ve ever published.

Gordon Sun July 29, 2021


Welcome to digital purgatory, where the lines between life, death, and what’s in-between blur.

Avra Margariti July 27, 2021

The Architect

A young girl’s obsession with teeth escalates, until alien forces become involved.

Ephiny-Gale July 22, 2021

Traces of Us, Hot Enough for Dinner

On the anniversary of her fiancee’s death, our protagonist finds herself in a time loop where demons flood in every night and tear everyone to shreds.

Mark Silcox July 20, 2021


Two women – one old, one young – seated at a table inside a small room, playing a game. Overhead a black drone equipped with two cameras buzzes quietly. The women talk to each other in a friendly way and touch the game pieces tentatively, as though they are still learning the rules. The older one is dressed in all-black; the younger wears white. On each of their necks is a small red mark – perhaps an insect bite, or a wound that’s halfway to healing.

Outside the room the rest of the world watches, seized by terror but unable to look away.

Daniel W Gonzales July 15, 2021

Moments Broken in TIme

Hell is eternal consciousness.

Derek-Austin-Johnson July 13, 2021

Uplift Day

In this lighter tale, Davis experiences an unexpected betrayal that leaves him single…again.

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