Every dreadful thing we’ve ever published.


Marguerite Sheffer March 24, 2023

The school has never had a puppet student before Rickey.

Solar Punks

J.D. Harlock March 22, 2023

Forget fighting and forget forgiveness.

Celeronian Natives

Kanishk Tantia March 17, 2023

Beulah Khware longs to become a Celeronian, but only the most committed pass the citizenship test.

The Vanishing

Vivian Chou March 10, 2023

Amelia has The Vanishing, a disease caused by unrooted immigrant identity.

A Golem Made of You

Addison Smith March 8, 2023

You sit among the flora. I sit with you.

The Hotel Janus Retirement Package

Travis D. Roberson March 3, 2023

A father must decide what year to retire to after his partner absconds with their daughter to 1992.

Along the Inked Tree During Seasons

Tania Chen March 1, 2023

A family pays tribute to their ancestors sleeping between worlds.

Every Home Should Have One

Dan Micklethwaite February 24, 2023

A strange door-to-door salesman approaches with a glowing suitcase. Will you open the door?

Blank Slate

Carol Scheina February 17, 2023

This time, a higher cheekbone, an aquiline nose…

A Message From BOA Chemical

Carrie Lee South February 10, 2023

A message from the innovating geniuses at BOA Chemical.

Your Dasher Has Accidentally Awakened the Crawling Chaos

David Anaxagoras February 8, 2023

by Gazing into the Loathsome Geometry of the Taco Pup Mega-muncher Meal Box.


R. L. Meza February 3, 2023

It’s just one little pill. What’s the worst that could happen?


Damir Salkovic January 27, 2023

The life of a corporate mercenary is one long boring wait, punctuated by brief, bright red bouts of violence.

You Were Only a Stranger Here

Jonathan Louis Duckworth January 20, 2023

A woman sells her body scan and soon sees synthetic companions modeled in her exact likeness.

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