To Invoke the Muse

I live in the moment because that’s all I am. A moment, enjoyed in its time and gone in the next.

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Would you like another?

Cory Daignault January 7, 2022

Pricking of My Thumb

If it moves, fire on it.

Mark Towse October 31, 2021

The Bedroom Window

Ed’s brother is dead, but why won’t he leave?

Mark Towse April 29, 2021

Bucket of Chicken

A fried chicken-addicted off-duty cab driver with chronic acid reflux returns to his vehicle to find a cash-rich passenger in the back seat.

Christi Nogle April 15, 2022


In an abandoned house in the woods, a mother in hiding delivers her young.

Geoffrey W. Cole February 9, 2022

Observer Effect

Okana, a time-traveling surfer, lives to surf the biggest waves. When she removes her locator nodes, choosing to become stranded a billion years in the past, her husband races to learn why.

Celine Low February 2, 2022


Winter feeds on the body, first the ears, then the nose, fingers, toes.

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