Every dreadful poem we’ve ever published.

Resurrection Man

Kaitlyn Bancroft January 4, 2023

What do you want?


Jason P. Burnham December 28, 2022

A sudden crisis. An unexpected savior.

The Day the Slugs Fell Off

Jason P. Burnham November 7, 2022

Survivors of an alien invasion make an alarming discovery.

Cult Comfort

M Lopes da Silva November 2, 2022

cult comfort, or knowing your sacred transfiguration into a scapegoat was worthwhile, the goat mask you wore over your head for years was worth wearing,

Now Free on Nile Unlimited: Opening the Gates to Madness

Jason P. Burnham October 26, 2022

Get the book everybody’s raving about.

The Girl of Rust and Bone

Erin Pettit September 21, 2022

It would seem that you have people too,
Who grieve a woman not lost.


Kim Whysall-Hammond August 3, 2022

A poem by Kim Whysall-Hammond.

Walls, Stars, Eyes, Walls

Jason Kahler June 22, 2022

A poem about prison and how it changes guys like you.

Where Are You Going?

Ai Jiang June 8, 2022

Poetry by Ai Jiang.

Haunted House

Rhonda Parrish June 1, 2022

I know what you want.

On This, Our Last Night at Station Six

Lora Gray May 4, 2022

Original poetry by Lora Gray.


Jess Koch April 20, 2022

Love, addiction, and hunger.


Ai Jiang March 23, 2022

On foreign land, memories of you slowly fade, but the dolls still stay,
their eyes rolling to the back of their heads, refusing to watch you leave.

Soft Eternity

Avra Margariti March 2, 2022

She relinquished her control
Into my steady hands, the untamed part
Of her that had split open throats
And hearts through heaviest of armors.

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