Bees on the Brain

"Your bees are in my brain, and they sing when I am asleep." A sad, beautiful story about medical mistreatment, cancer, death, and grief.

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Feature image is AI-generated by Wombo Dream.

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Avra Margariti October 29, 2020

Darkroom Liaisons

The poltergeists leave the darkroom the way they came: faceless. Read this beautiful poem by Avra Margariti, only on The Dread Machine.

Avra Margariti December 8, 2020

The Domovoi

A strange mansion. A young servant. A rich couple. And a house spirit watching everything unfold.

Jeff Ronan April 29, 2021

The Forever Friends

The Forever Friends is five-year-old Billy’s favorite show. He couldn’t imagine life without Lucy Goosey, Golly-Gee, the twins Tuck & Tick, and their leader, Hambone. If he’s lucky, he won’t have to imagine.

AlexSobel January 21, 2022

The Other Me

I had a child and then I didn’t. That was their power, their strength. I didn’t just lose the baby, he was gone.

Osahon Ize-Iyamu January 7, 2021

And Songs Don’t End

A family must deal with the loss of their abusive mother, a constant singer who sang away all the monsters from attacking their dreams.

Mark Towse December 3, 2021

A Holiday Romance

An alluring insect seduces an unhappily married man on a second honeymoon with his equally unhappy wife.

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