Goodly Creatures

When Crawford, a bioengineer, stumbles upon the eviscerated corpse of a florafox, she must hunt down her escaped biosynth—a dangerous benthomander whose genecode may have been compromised.

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Feature image is AI-generated by Wombo Dream.

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Would you like another?

Andrew Giffin March 11, 2022

Punk’s Not Dead

Around me is complete chaos. The soldiers open fire, bullets everywhere. They’re better armed, but we’re out of our fucking minds.

Christi Nogle April 15, 2022


In an abandoned house in the woods, a mother in hiding delivers her young.

Lynette Mejía March 4, 2021

A Gardener’s Guide to the Apocalypse

A story about disaster and how we endure in its aftermath, “A Gardener’s Guide” follows its protagonist and her partner through a year post-apocalypse; watching their garden grow as the world slowly dies around them.

Anthony Cain September 24, 2021

The Green

A man’s lawn wants him dead.

Timothy Burkhardt May 25, 2021

Faerie Lanterns

Joey’s parents just built a new house in a pristine forest. On his first night in his new bedroom, Joey wakes up from a nightmare and is lured into the dark woods by a nature spirit posing as his mother.

M Shedric Simpson April 29, 2022

An Endless Sky Above

Alicia ventures from the safety of her subterranean bunker to attend a concert on the surface of a planet devastated by vicious, violent storms.

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