Haunted House

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MJ Mars October 20, 2020

In Bocca al Lupo

When climate change brings about the New Ice Age, along with the hatching of a hoard of monstrous Ningen, it is down to the five remaining members of the Polaris military base to lure the monsters to their doom. Only, the theory behind the lure isn’t all that sound. And the Ningen are like nothing they have ever faced before.

Christina Ladd October 15, 2021

Mona Luna

If you never met her, you’d think she was a real nice lady, yeah. Good with kids, never kicked no dog. Never sang a hymn out of tune. On Tuesdays and Thursdays she works down at the shelter, handing out socks and toothbrushes.

I go barefoot in my boots rather than take a single thing from Mona Luna.

Andrew Moore November 26, 2020


After a waking nightmare that continues to haunt her, Elisa experiences increasing episodes of disassociation. As her sense of self unravels, she gets closer to the horrifying truth.

Celine Low February 2, 2022


Winter feeds on the body, first the ears, then the nose, fingers, toes.

Heinrich von Wolfcastle October 20, 2020

The Contritionist

The spirit of this psychologist’s trade was never really about talk therapy; it was about helping his patients find contrition for their sins—to help them feel remorse for what they’ve done. And if they can’t find it for themselves, then he will do whatever it takes to make sure they feel it.

Melinda Brasher January 17, 2022


It’s not the silence that gets you—despite the dire warnings in the training sims. After a few weeks the silence becomes an ocean, a universe, and it’s all yours. You float within it, your lungs fill with it, it becomes you. Yes, you control the silence.

The problem is the noise.

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