Wine and Spirits

Do you taste the cyanide sweet of amaretto?

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Geoffrey W. Cole February 9, 2022

Observer Effect

Okana, a time-traveling surfer, lives to surf the biggest waves. When she removes her locator nodes, choosing to become stranded a billion years in the past, her husband races to learn why.

Timothy Mudie March 18, 2022

Mermaid’s Purse

By the time she started her job at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Rachel had seen countless fish born. Nothing she’d seen was like what came out of the giant egg case in the saltwater tank.

Dan LeRoy November 10, 2020


“In the countries that are more uniform, people were more likely to smile to show they were superior to one another.” Can a smile really kill? One of these two men is about to find out.

Dennis Mombauer February 16, 2021

Iteration 571

Tlachoatl storms a freezing temple floating in space and tries to reach the chamber of the bone god in its heart. He fails again and again, and with every iteration, the temple changes in response.

Louis Evans May 2, 2021


“GoGood” is a new app designed to support Effective Altruism-style donations. But its user logs paint a darker picture of a growing plague.

Christi Nogle April 15, 2022


In an abandoned house in the woods, a mother in hiding delivers her young.

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