It Is the Voice That Unnerves Me

Dorie's memory of her deceased husband is being tainted by his Remembrance, a device that simulates his personality.

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Avi Burton April 8, 2022

Bees on the Brain

“Your bees are in my brain, and they sing when I am asleep.” A sad, beautiful story about medical mistreatment, cancer, death, and grief.

J.S. Watts October 20, 2020


A man prepares to go out on the hunt with just one thing on his mind. He has his trusted rituals to achieve success, but there are other, older rituals at play, rituals that balance nature and can turn the hunter into the hunted

Nicole Givens Kurtz November 24, 2020

Sweet Tooth

Someone is killing kids in the projects. Bryce thinks Mama Shug, the neighborhood candy lady, might be responsible…but the truth is far more sinister than he realizes.

Andrew Kozma February 11, 2022

Today’s Face

The trouble with all looking and sounding the same is that it’s impossible to pick a voice out of the crowd.

Marisca Pichette January 14, 2022

Riding Dark

From the inside is the only way.

Michael Meyerhofer November 5, 2021

The Ledge

The best spot on the ledge is still just a spot on a ledge.

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