It’s not the silence that gets you—despite the dire warnings in the training sims. After a few weeks the silence becomes an ocean, a universe, and it’s all yours. You float within it, your lungs fill with it, it becomes you. Yes, you control the silence. The problem is the noise.

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L. P. Melling March 5, 2021

Broken Mirror

As it is so short, I would prefer to have the story speak for itself. Thank you for your consideration.

Mark Towse December 3, 2021

A Holiday Romance

An alluring insect seduces an unhappily married man on a second honeymoon with his equally unhappy wife.

JL Akagi December 24, 2021

Betobeto Teketeke

I’m going to tell you a story, but on one condition: it must be read out loud.

Michael Wehunt January 21, 2021

Stabat Mater

When Nolan’s pregnant wife develops a bizarre fascination with wasps—insects he’s both terrified by and severely allergic to—he’s unsure of how to handle it.

Justin Dill May 5, 2021

Cousin Benny

Narrated in the style of Room by Emma Donoghue, a young boy grows increasingly frustrated when his cousin, who suffers from a mysterious illness, moves into his attic.

Claude Lalumière July 8, 2021

Marc and His Maman

Marc wants Maman to be perfect, but the transfer is a delicate process.

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