Observer Effect

Okana, a time-traveling surfer, lives to surf the biggest waves. When she removes her locator nodes, choosing to become stranded a billion years in the past, her husband races to learn why.

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Feature image is AI-generated by Wombo Dream.

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Would you like another?

L. P. Melling March 5, 2021

Broken Mirror

As it is so short, I would prefer to have the story speak for itself. Thank you for your consideration.

Chris Black January 5, 2021

The Corpsehulk

When the system’s outer colonists are subsumed by smartmetal gone rogue, Winnow finds herself aboard Earth’s makeshift defence fleet. But the Corpsehulk isn’t some simple flesh and chrome invader; it has a vision for humanity, perhaps one that Winnow shares.

MJ Mars October 20, 2020

In Bocca al Lupo

When climate change brings about the New Ice Age, along with the hatching of a hoard of monstrous Ningen, it is down to the five remaining members of the Polaris military base to lure the monsters to their doom. Only, the theory behind the lure isn’t all that sound. And the Ningen are like nothing they have ever faced before.

James Parenti February 4, 2022

Nothing Separates You

Nothing’s between you, so nothing separates you.

Andrew Giffin March 11, 2022

Punk’s Not Dead

Around me is complete chaos. The soldiers open fire, bullets everywhere. They’re better armed, but we’re out of our fucking minds.

Timothy Burkhardt May 25, 2021

Faerie Lanterns

Joey’s parents just built a new house in a pristine forest. On his first night in his new bedroom, Joey wakes up from a nightmare and is lured into the dark woods by a nature spirit posing as his mother.

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