Soft Eternity

She relinquished her control Into my steady hands, the untamed part Of her that had split open throats And hearts through heaviest of armors.

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Feature image is AI-generated by Wombo Dream.

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Justen Russell December 31, 2021

Falling Apart

You sell the little finger on your left hand first. This is not the prudent way to do things. You should sell the whole hand, but you are not trying to be prudent.

Bree Wernicke February 23, 2022

For Sale: Cursèd Object, Never Cleaned

In need of a spooky new statement decor piece? LOOK NO FURTHER!

Hudson Wilding June 1, 2021

Are You Still There?

A woman entertains an unusual request from a disfigured paramour.

Andrew Giffin March 11, 2022

Punk’s Not Dead

Around me is complete chaos. The soldiers open fire, bullets everywhere. They’re better armed, but we’re out of our fucking minds.

Kitty-Lydia Dye March 11, 2021

Three Data Units

An AI reviews the data units of three disabled mecha—a blackbird, a caregiver, and a gatekeeper—whose stories entwine, and profoundly change the AI’s understanding of humanity and the role technology plays in their lives.

Ephiny-Gale June 8, 2021


Jenna Blythe is queer, so her wealthy family builds a Watchhouse to teach her a lesson.

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