Winter feeds on the body, first the ears, then the nose, fingers, toes.

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Chris Black January 5, 2021

The Corpsehulk

When the system’s outer colonists are subsumed by smartmetal gone rogue, Winnow finds herself aboard Earth’s makeshift defence fleet. But the Corpsehulk isn’t some simple flesh and chrome invader; it has a vision for humanity, perhaps one that Winnow shares.

Monica Louzon November 12, 2020

Mother’s Love

Hannah finds her life thrown into chaos when she has to figure out how to care for her unexpected child: a blood squid.

Gordon Sun July 29, 2021


Welcome to digital purgatory, where the lines between life, death, and what’s in-between blur.

Dawn Vogel October 1, 2021

Just Smile

A bartender educates a patron on why he should never, ever tell a woman to “just smile.”

Monique L. Desir January 28, 2021

Bondye Bon

Heloise’s mother has a secret locked away. When the strands holding that secret in place start to unravel, Heloise will do anything to stop her life from unraveling with it.

Avi Burton April 8, 2022

Bees on the Brain

“Your bees are in my brain, and they sing when I am asleep.” A sad, beautiful story about medical mistreatment, cancer, death, and grief.

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