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Evan James Sheldon February 18, 2021

From Underneath

The narrator’s baby son refuses to come out from underneath the bed.

Josh Rountree October 8, 2021

Blood Runs Cold

Two bankrollers make their escape after a botched job, but one of them may be far more than what he seems.

Monica Louzon November 12, 2020

Mother’s Love

Hannah finds her life thrown into chaos when she has to figure out how to care for her unexpected child: a blood squid.

Dan LeRoy November 10, 2020


“In the countries that are more uniform, people were more likely to smile to show they were superior to one another.” Can a smile really kill? One of these two men is about to find out.

brianlow September 1, 2021

Have You Seen This Hungry Ghost?

In a story that combines traditional Chinese culture with futuristic technology, the protagonist searches for a deceased friend, but carries sinister designs for their reunion.

David-Smith January 26, 2021

Under the Skin

A team of police officers confront evil in the basement of a drug house and must feed it to keep the residents of the city safe.

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