Pricking of My Thumb

If it moves, fire on it.

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Daniel W Gonzales July 15, 2021

Moments Broken in TIme

Hell is eternal consciousness.

Michael Wehunt January 21, 2021

Stabat Mater

When Nolan’s pregnant wife develops a bizarre fascination with wasps—insects he’s both terrified by and severely allergic to—he’s unsure of how to handle it.

Peter Emmett Naughton April 6, 2021

I Have Your Eugene

When Martin receives an unexpected package with a smudged shipping label, his instincts tell him not to open it. He should have followed his gut.

Marisca Pichette January 14, 2022

Riding Dark

From the inside is the only way.

Andrey Pissantchev April 13, 2021

Twenty Seven

Linda Long, promising vocal artist, lives in fear of becoming a member of the 27 Club—a list of popular musicians who died at the age of twenty-seven. To ensure she makes it to twenty-eight, she takes off a year, but music is her soul, and she’s having a hard time resisting the stage.

D. S. Ullery November 5, 2020

I, Beloved of Other

An isolated man undergoes an otherworldly – and sinister – experience after a meteorite lands in his back yard.

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