Issue 1.1 Epub


In this issue of The Dread Machine, meet a satyr, learn how to grow a garden in an apocalyptic wasteland, and compete against your coworkers in a battle royale for a shot at a paid vacation.

Feel a mother’s love, learn what happens when songs end, and befriend the entity living behind the wallpaper in your house. Honor the bone god, come to terms with the past, and don’t let death stop you from exacting your revenge.

Whatever you do, steer clear of the shadows, don’t go anywhere without your EpiPen, and remember: your crew aren’t your friends.

Featuring Fiction and Poetry By:

Kris Ashton
Chris Black
Kitty-Lydia Dye
Kevin M. Folliard
Thomas Gaffney
Osahon Ize-Iyamu
Monica Louzon
Avra Margariti
Lynette Mejia
Dennis Mombauer
Kamen Pavloff
Robert Stahl
Vaughan Stanger
Caleb Stephens
Mark Towse
Calie Voorhis
Larina Warnock
Micheal Wehunt

Purchasers will also receive access to downloadable desktop and phone wallpapers of our beautiful cover art created by the amazingly talented Katerina Belikova (aka Ninja Jo) and inspired by Chris Black’s story, “The Corpsehulk.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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