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Damir Salkovic January 27, 2023


The life of a corporate mercenary is one long boring wait, punctuated by brief, bright red bouts of violence.

Jonathan Louis Duckworth January 20, 2023

You Were Only a Stranger Here

A woman sells her body scan and soon sees synthetic companions modeled in her exact likeness.

Gretchen Tessmer January 18, 2023

The Winter Graveyard

A poem by Gretchen Tessmer.

Mob January 13, 2023

Last Embers

Push product. Catch fire.

Avra Margariti January 6, 2023

Spidersilk, Spidersong

Young ballerinas grapple with personal demons and their relentlessly ambitious ballet instructor.

Kaitlyn Bancroft January 4, 2023

Resurrection Man

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