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authorMBarron October 1, 2021

Back To Normal

A woman awakens to find life strangely normal after murdering her husband, but normal is a world of constant dread, and the voice in her head is worse than the corpse in her bed.

Osahon Ize-Iyamu January 7, 2021

And Songs Don’t End

A family must deal with the loss of their abusive mother, a constant singer who sang away all the monsters from attacking their dreams.

Marc Joan June 17, 2021

Pieces on Earth

World leaders meet Mary Parraday’s miraculous children, who have been crafted through unique (and ethically questionable) genetic manipulation.

Caleb Stephens February 25, 2021

Shadow Puppets

Kyle has a new neighbor at Valley Acres Trailer Park—a strange, pale girl named Winter, who has an abusive father…and a rare allergy to the sun.

Kamen Pavloff March 16, 2021

Shooting the Messenger

Paranoic Miles has a healthy fear of vampires, so he’s eager to get out of Italy ASAP, but when people around him start dropping dead, Miles begins to wonder if he’s the real monster.

Colleen Anderson November 19, 2021

King’s Suit

You need fine clothes to make the man.

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