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Robert Stahl February 9, 2021

Star Struck

A young man fresh out of school meets the man of his dreams when a movie star rolls into town. But he quickly discovers his new love’s dark side. Will the relationship cost him everything?

Perry-Ruh April 8, 2021


An apocalyptic poem.

Evan James Sheldon February 18, 2021

From Underneath

The narrator’s baby son refuses to come out from underneath the bed.

Vaughan Stanger February 11, 2021

Touching Distance

A blind man has volunteered to work on a research project that is using tactile feedback supplied by a bodysuit to represent visual information. As he navigates a simulation of an outdoor environment, he encounters virtual ghosts from his past, which crawl over his body, culminating in the recreation of a fatal incident he was involved in years ago. Can he understand what and why this is happening before it drives him mad, and so find peace at last?

scrapsflippy November 26, 2020


After a waking nightmare that continues to haunt her, Elisa experiences increasing episodes of disassociation. As her sense of self unravels, she gets closer to the horrifying truth.

Sloane December 15, 2020

Are You A Vessel?

A threatening email written by a hypnotic sender.

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