Issue 2.3 Paperback


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In this issue of The Dread Machine, drink to your past, jump off a train, and suture yourself together from the best parts you can find. You’ll learn about a revolutionary artist’s career and get an inside peek into the daily life of renowned surgeon and recovering human flesh addict, Dr. Baba Yaga.

Play a bizarre new mobile game, seek a boon from The Girl of Rust and Bone, and trust a ghost hunter (or don’t). Chain your father up in the guestroom, write a letter to your mother, and visit the devil at the riverside.

Whatever you do, don’t taste the tea, disregard the whispering lake, and try real hard to keep your picadillo down.

Featuring Original Fiction & Poetry By:
John Brownlee
Jason P. Burnham
Anna Dallara
Sofia Ezdina
Ephiny Gale
Alice Gauntley
Alyssa C. Greene
Patrick Hurley
William Jablonsky
Nikki R. Leigh
Shelley Lavigne
Edith Lockwood
Christopher Luis-Jorge
Elizabeth McClennan
Christopher O’Halloran
Leon Perniciaro
Erin Pettit
Julie Reeser
M. Shaw
Kim Whysall-Hammond
David Lee Zweifler

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