Issue 3.4 Epub


In this issue of The Dread Machine…

Smile at the guards, get those pirates off your ship, give your testimony to the gods writers you worship idolize, and pay tribute to your furnace.

Join the campus hive mind, battle that misshapen thing inside your chest, and check your robot horoscope for the Day of Reclamation.

Whatever you do, keep calm, don’t listen to the background noise, actually read the Terms of Service, and remember: one thumb, and four of the skinny ones.

Featuring fiction and poetry by:
Colleen Anderson
Sierra Branham
Jason P. Burnham
Lex Chamberlin
J.D. Harlock
C.H. Irons
Ai Jiang
Quincy Scott Jones
Amanda Cecelia Lang
Pete Lead
Sam Lesek
Dan Peacock
ST Schorey
M. Shedric Simpson
Addison Smith
Mike Jack Stoumbos
Gordon Sun
Kanishk Tantia
Clarissa Thomas
Kayla Wiltfong
Shiwei Zhou

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