Step 1: Read the submission guidelines.

We’re pretty low-maintenance as far as publications go. You’ll find no finicky, proprietary formatting rules or strict typography requirements. However, to keep from wasting our time and yours, we do ask that you read our Submission Guidelines and acquaint yourself with our Publication Agreement before submitting. If you haven’t yet, we also recommend looking at our calls for submissions.

Step 2: Log in or CREATE A free USER account.

You do not require a paid subscription to submit, but you must be logged in before the link to our submission portal will become visible. This prevents spammers from flooding our system and ensures we can tie your user account and author profile to your story, should it be accepted.

STEP 3: Complete or update your author profile. 

Go here and edit your profile. If your story is accepted, your biography information and profile image will accompany it. Be sure to link your socials and author website, if you have one. Bonus points are awarded if you upload a profile photo of yourself playing a kazoo with great enthusiasm.

Step 4: Travel through the portal.

Once you’re logged in, buttons to our submission portal will appear below, like magic! Click the appropriate button and you’ll be teleported to Moksha, where you can submit your story to us and a number of other fine publications like Apex, Nightmare, and Lightspeed. Moksha allows you to see where your story is in our queue, also!

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