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Word Count

MICROFICTION: No more than 100 words.
FLASH FICTION: Up to 1,000 words.
SHORT STORIES: Up to 7,500 words.
SERIALS: 15,000+ words, at least 3 installments.
POETRY: You may submit up to three poems at one time.


Here at The Dread Machine, we like to keep things simple.

Step 1: Submit your work.
Step 2: Wait for us to contact you with an offer or a declination.
Step 3: If you receive an offer, you choose whether to accept, reject, or negotiate it.
Step 4: Once we make a deal, our team publishes and promotes your Machination on The Dread Machine.


Poetry, Flash, and Micro: $20
Short Stories (up to 3,500 words): $50
Short Stories (up to 5,000 words): $75
Short Stories (up to 7,500 words): $100
Serials: Payment is calculated based on the length of each installment.
$0.01 per word.

We also offer state of the art critiquing technology. For a $3 charge, our executive editor @Alin will personally critique your story.

If you’d like a critique of your work please use this form instead.


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