We’re desperate for more androids, cyborgs, and urban dystopias.

A publication with this much neon deserves more cybernetics, hacktivists, clones, artificial intelligence, evil megacorporations, flying cars, space travel, intrusive surveillance, and electric sheep.


We strongly believe representation matters. Our readers are very interested in reading authentic stories featuring diverse and intersectional protagonists. Send us tales of righteous Black covens, LGBTQIA+ time travelers, Latinx Final Girls, and genderqueer vampire slayers.

The Dread Machine stands in solidarity with marginalized writers and is committed to amplifying their voices.


We have reopened poetry submissions! Send us your prose!

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Want to understand our market better? Check out some of our free stories. As our tastes evolve, stories are added and dropped, so you can always find a decent selection that encompasses the kind of work we publish.

Fringe Benefits

In a dystopian society where employees are covered by productivity insurance, benefits are earned by competing in deadly company picnic games. Unfortunately for Veronica, sleeping with the boss's wife makes her a prime target.
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In Bocca al Lupo

When climate change brings about the New Ice Age, along with the hatching of a hoard of monstrous Ningen, it is down to the five remaining members of the Polaris military base to lure the monsters to their doom. Only, the theory behind the lure isn't all that sound. And the Ningen are like nothing they have ever faced before.
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One Shot

What happens when a pandemic hits the failing US healthcare system? When Kiara becomes sick, she can't afford to admit her infection and miss work or even go to the doctor to treat it. Failed by the system, she searches for any way to survive.
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The Perfect Match

Sai can't imagine life without his beloved virtual assistant, Tilly, until his new neighbor Jenny causes him to question her motives, and those of Centillion, the corporation that made her.
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