Issue 3.1 Paperback


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In this issue of The Dread Machine, Amelia suffers from The Vanishing, a disease caused by unrooted immigrant identity, while Beulah Khware longs to become a Celeronian but faces a daunting citizenship test.

Pay tribute to your ancestors sleeping between worlds, stay at a time-travel hotel, visit the winter graveyard, face Azathoth, purchase a strange device from a door-to-door salesman, and do your best to keep a puppet child from unraveling.

Oh, and your DoorDasher Astrid has accidentally awakened the Crawling Chaos, so don’t expect your Taco Pup order any time soon.

Featuring fiction and poetry by:
David Anaxagoras
Kaitlyn Bancroft
Anton Cancre
Tania Chen
Vivian Chou
Lucas Enne
J.D. Harlock
R.L. Meza
Dan Micklethwaite
Lisa Nohealani Morton
Dan Peacock
Travis D. Roberson
Carol Schiena
Marguerite Sheffer
Jonathan Sherwood
Addison Smith
Carrie Lee South
Kanishk Tantia
Gretchen Tessmer

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