Issue 2.2 Epub


In this issue of The Dread Machine…

Visit an automated retail hellscape, attend a wild party on Earth’s tempest-ravaged surface, and determine what caused the strange deaths at the AudioSnap building.

See the stars in the prison walls, inherit the sacred responsibility of an irradiated priestess, meet a sinister sommelier, befriend a spider, then attend a macabre art show.

Whatever you do, don’t eat the honey, and avoid the child with the robotic toys.

Purchasers will receive the physical and epub edition of Issue 2.2, plus access to downloadable desktop and phone wallpapers of our beautiful cover art created by the amazingly talented Katerina Belikova (aka Ninja Jo).

Featuring Original Fiction & Poetry By:

Warren Benedetto
Renan Bernardo
Avi Burton
Lora Gray
Liam Hogan
Jason Kahler
Jessica Koch
Ai Jiang
Nathaniel Lee
Amanda Michele
Aimee Ogden
Rhonda Parrish
John Perilli
M. Shedric Simpson
Gwen Whiting
David Lee Zweifler

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