Issue 2.1 Paperback


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In this issue of The Dread Machine, you’ll meet a few shapeshifters, launch an attack on Her Majesty’s Royal Admiralty with a ragtag band of space pirates, and watch Paul McCartney die over and over and over again.

Read a sales listing for a cursed household mirror, deliver some fresh ears to your grandmother, greet the Big Bad Wolf in the cosmos, see influencers battle for democracy, experience your worst nuclear nightmare, change your face, hunt down a dangerous engineered creature, and discover a strange splinter.

Whatever you do, don’t itch, be careful about which derelict ships you decide to salvage, and do not trust the maintenance bots.

Featuring Original Fiction & Poetry By:
Jason P. Burnham
Patrick Barb
Melinda Brasher
Geoffrey W. Cole
Cory Daignault
Tianna Ebnet
C.M. Fields
H.L. Fullerton
Andrew Giffin
Ai Jiang
Andrew Kozma
Avra Margariti
Timothy Mudie
Marisca Pichette
Celine Low
James Parenti
Austin Shirey
Alex Sobel
Bree Wernicke

Purchasers will receive the physical and epub edition of Issue 2.1, plus access to downloadable desktop and phone wallpapers of our beautiful cover art created by the amazingly talented Katerina Belikova (aka Ninja Jo).

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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