Issue 3.2 Paperback


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In this issue of The Dread Machine…

Go west and weird, join the Goth Girls’ Gun Gang, explore the bottom of the Mariana Trench, learn what cicadas taste like, hide from the corporate warlords, and sew your fractured self together.

Climb to the top of the pyramid scheme, find the joy in devouring, and save your stupid boyfriend. Pick a door, pick a door, then pick another door-and hope none of them open into the void of space.

Whatever you do, don’t listen to the man in the mirror, try not to overthink the produce arrangement, and remember, there is nothing in the jar.

Featuring fiction and poetry by:
Cassie E. Brown
Jason P. Burnham
Aaron Corwin
B. Garden
Sophie Greenwood
Hannah Greer
Jordan Hirsch
Nicholas Jay
John Philip Johnson
Rachel Kolar
Andrew Kozma
Nathaniel Lee
Hazelle Lerum
Avra Margariti
R. L. Meza
Marisca Pichette
Chelsea Sutton
Gretchen Tessmer
Wang Cai-Ying & L. Acadia

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