Do You Know Why We Stopped You?

Visit a retail hellscape where the only humans are the customers.

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Timothy Mudie March 18, 2022

Mermaid’s Purse

By the time she started her job at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Rachel had seen countless fish born. Nothing she’d seen was like what came out of the giant egg case in the saltwater tank.

Caleb Stephens March 25, 2021

The Wallpaper Man

The Wallpaper Man can help you. He can make it all go away…if you give him the pain.

Derek-Austin-Johnson July 13, 2021

Uplift Day

In this lighter tale, Davis experiences an unexpected betrayal that leaves him single…again.

Jeff Ronan April 29, 2021

The Forever Friends

The Forever Friends is five-year-old Billy’s favorite show. He couldn’t imagine life without Lucy Goosey, Golly-Gee, the twins Tuck & Tick, and their leader, Hambone. If he’s lucky, he won’t have to imagine.

Keily Blair May 20, 2021

Tabula Rasa

Eve, a single mother whose dreams of becoming an artist were shattered by an unplanned pregnancy, struggles with escalating feelings of resentment and regret that threaten her sanity—and the safety of her young daughter.

Rhonda Parrish and Beth Cato October 1, 2021

But You Mustn’t Look Back

you know what it means
but you mustn’t look back

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