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Daily Gratitudes

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It’s the Simple Things that make life worth living, isn’t it? Coffee in the morning. Sunrises. A cool summer breeze while working in the garden. Friends and family. Sunsets. But with our busy day-to-day lives, we get overstimulated, overworked, and distracted. We forget to notice simple pleasures, let alone enjoy them. What if we all just took a few minutes of every day to be grateful? That’s the idea behind this little booklet. If you write five daily affirmations every day for a month, we bet you’ll not only realize life is awesome, but so are you.

Namaste and praise be!

Day 1

  1. I’m grateful… my mom gave me this booklet as a stocking stuffer.
  2. I’m grateful… I couldn’t sleep tonight so I started this stupid thing out of boredom.
  3. I’m grateful… for a job with benefits and a decent apartment.
  4. I’m grateful… for my health. Especially right now.
  5. I’m grateful… I’m starting to feel sleepy again.


Day 2

  1. I’m grateful… I didn’t feel too embarrassed when I remembered writing in this last thing night.
  2. I’m grateful… to have a new SUV—even though my commute still sucks.
  3. I’m grateful… the new boss Linda actually listens. Mike, her predecessor, was an asshole who constantly joked he suffered from “yellow fever.”
  4. I’m grateful… for my family. We don’t always agree, but they’re always there for me.
  5. I’m grateful… this dumb journal is helping me feel better.


Day 3

  1. I’m grateful… to get let out of work early yesterday—totally avoided traffic.
  2. I’m grateful… to have time to go out with friends.
  3. I’m grateful… there are guys in Seattle who will still ask a lady out.
  4. I’m grateful… to be going on a date this evening. ☺
  5. I’m grateful… the outbreak hasn’t hit the PNW.


Day 4

  1. I’m grateful… the date went well. His name is Phil. Hope he texts soon.
  2. I’m grateful… to have a sunny Seattle day in February. Thanks global warming!
  3. I’m grateful… our ad pitch was a hit. Who knew marketing hand soap could be fun?
  4. I’m grateful… to get a 2-mile run in today. Gotta get those steps!
  5. I’m grateful… for a surprisingly quick commute. I guess people are staying home?


Day 5

  1. I’m grateful… Phil texted. He had some bad news about his brother and can’t meet up this week but wants to when he gets back.
  2. I’m grateful… my family is doing okay.
  3. I’m grateful… for my work crew—love those girls.
  4. I’m grateful… for Seattle coffee in the morning and beer in the evening.
  5. I’m grateful… we have legal weed. Especially with all the craziness going on.


Day 6

  1. I’m grateful… to have the rest of the week off.
  2. I’m grateful… the city government is taking the outbreak seriously.
  3. I’m grateful… my cell still has a signal and I can check on my parents.
  4. I’m grateful… for my friends—the ones who stayed, anyway.
  5. I’m grateful… for my health. So grateful.


Day 7 Day 43

  1. I’m grateful… my SUV has 4-wheel drive.
  2. I’m grateful… I’m really fucking grateful I own a handgun.
  3. I’m grateful… my parents bought the cabin on the Olympic. Wish I could tell them that.
  4. I’m grateful… to be able to sleep without hearing screams. Most nights, at least.
  5. I’m grateful… to be alive.


Day 8 Day 56

  1. I’m grateful… my parents bought a solar generator and kept their freezer well-stocked.
  2. I’m grateful… their land is beautiful. And isolated.
  3. I’m grateful… the horde hasn’t found it yet.
  4. I’m grateful… for this booklet. It’s corny, but it reminds me of what life was like before.
  5. I’m grateful… for the memory of kissing Phil. I wonder if he made it out?


Day 9 Day 71

  1. I’m grateful… I didn’t shoot the trespassers. I almost did, but I heard one laugh. A good laugh. Hadn’t heard that in a while.
  2. I’m grateful… they brought food and medicine.
  3. I’m grateful… to meet Jim. He’s the one who laughed. Don’t know if I’ll ever tell him that saved his life.
  4. I’m grateful… they brought coffee. SO GRATEFUL.
  5. I’m grateful… to be part of a family again.


Day 10 Day 105

  1. I’m grateful… for my time in the cabin while it lasted.
  2. I’m grateful… I escaped when the horde found us.
  3. I’m grateful… to make it to Fort Worden. Wish the others were here.
  4. I’m grateful… to have some bullets left.
  5. I’m grateful… to at least know what happened to Phil.


Day 11 Day 119

  1. I’m grateful… I’m a light sleeper.
  2. I’m grateful… I stocked this panic room.
  3. I’m grateful… to still have a working hand to write.
  4. I’m grateful… the reinforced door is holding against the bodies.
  5. I’m grateful…

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