Every dreadful thing we’ve ever published.

The Orchid’s Crimson Maw

Keily Blair October 20, 2020

After her mother’s suicide, lonely Melody returns home to fetch the family orchid; a plant capable of altering reality—for a price.


Merethe Walther October 20, 2020

A horrified mother catches her young daughter sneaking outside to get her first glimpse of snow.

Season’s Greetings

Kevin M. Folliard October 20, 2020

Depressed and suicidal, Flynn makes a pact with an ancient spirit, a monstrous being made of glass who writes eloquent letters promising to claim Flynn’s life and end his suffering. But when he unexpectedly finds love in the arms of Nan, they must fight to break the pact and save his soul.

Mr. McClane

Alicia Hurtado October 20, 2020

All Amanda wants is a friend who’ll value what she has to say. Who would have thought she’d find that friend living in the giant, rusty boiler in the basement?

Her Attraction, When Invisible

CK Moak October 20, 2020

Brian, a lifelong insomniac, thinks he’s almost moved past the death of his wife. However, the Horrors that live in his house and torment him at night tell a different story.


Merethe Walther October 20, 2020

A therapist has a troubling conversation with his ex-girlfriend about the past after their traumatic breakup.

Annie’s Alibi

Jordan Hirsch October 20, 2020

These women and priests just don’t get it at all.

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