Every dreadful thing we’ve ever published.

One Shot

Tiffany E. Wilson December 1, 2020

What happens when a pandemic hits the failing US healthcare system? When Kiara becomes sick, she can’t afford to admit her infection and miss work or even go to the doctor to treat it. Failed by the system, she searches for any way to survive.


Andrew Moore November 26, 2020

After a waking nightmare that continues to haunt her, Elisa experiences increasing episodes of disassociation. As her sense of self unravels, she gets closer to the horrifying truth.

Sweet Tooth

Nicole Givens Kurtz November 24, 2020

Someone is killing kids in the projects. Bryce thinks Mama Shug, the neighborhood candy lady, might be responsible…but the truth is far more sinister than he realizes.

San Cibernético

Monica Louzon November 19, 2020

An orphan discovers a mummified cyborg while hiding from scientists on his worldship and turns it into a cult saint.

Mother’s Love

Monica Louzon November 12, 2020

Hannah finds her life thrown into chaos when she has to figure out how to care for her unexpected child: a blood squid.


Dan LeRoy November 10, 2020

“In the countries that are more uniform, people were more likely to smile to show they were superior to one another.” Can a smile really kill? One of these two men is about to find out.

The Hitman’s Ghost

Dede Sanchez November 10, 2020

Charles learns the hard way that some jobs aren’t worth the money.

Mr. Chew

Angela Sylvaine November 5, 2020

Cammie has grown up in foster care since the accident that took the lives of her parents, for which she blames herself. She was alone until recently, when her little brother Jason was returned by his adoptive family and joined her in a foster home. She tries to scare Jason by reciting a nursery rhyme about a monster called Mr. Chew, but she is the one who is scared. She sees Mr. Chew every day, staring at her and creeping closer and closer.

I, Beloved of Other

D. S. Ullery November 5, 2020

An isolated man undergoes an otherworldly – and sinister – experience after a meteorite lands in his back yard.


Aisling Campbell October 31, 2020

A predatory young man chooses the wrong girl to follow home from the Halloween disco.

Honey Bear

Avra Margariti October 31, 2020

“Come outside, dearest mine.
Come taste the spring honey
drip-drip-dripping from every hive.” Read this dark poem by Avra Margariti.

A Test of Faith

Alin Walker October 31, 2020

This story will make you question your perception of time, space, and reality.

Darkroom Liaisons

Avra Margariti October 29, 2020

The poltergeists leave the darkroom the way they came: faceless. Read this beautiful poem by Avra Margariti, only on The Dread Machine.

The Brides of Dracula Ponder the Manson Murders

Avra Margariti October 29, 2020

(What are humans but an amalgamation
of meat and electricity?) Read this unsettling poem by Avra Margariti.


Clay-McLeod-Chapman October 29, 2020

A cardboard box on the curbside. A magic marker missive: TAKE ME. Free books for someone to take. But what if these books shouldn’t be taken? What if they’re haunted?

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