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Ai Jiang June 8, 2022

Where Are You Going?

Poetry by Ai Jiang.

Gwen Whiting June 3, 2022

The Natural Order of Things

As her infant daughter faces death, a mother must decide whether to upload the child’s consciousness into a robot body.

Rhonda Parrish June 1, 2022

Haunted House

I know what you want.

Renan Bernardo May 27, 2022

The Norms from Up Here

Thoughts are routed, filtered and processed to mold voices according to the Norm, making people obey “linguistic standards.”

Guan Un May 20, 2022

Still Life—A Review

A review of Eduard Montpelier-Lin’s installation, Still Life, featuring eerily detailed statues of the infamous “Lost Girls.”

John Perilli May 13, 2022

It Is the Voice That Unnerves Me

Dorie’s memory of her deceased husband is being tainted by his Remembrance, a device that simulates his personality.

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