Issue 3.3 Paperback


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In this issue of The Dread Machine…

Investigate a haunted record store, meet an accidental martyr, and marry a god. Gather the stars, catalog a new planet, and settle the feud with your twin brother.

Learn how to determine if your grandmother has been replaced by a fairy, how to build a social media following to crowdfund medical bills before you need it, and thirteen ways to dissect a blackbird.

Whatever you do, don’t wander to the planet’s dark side, be sure to buckle in, and stay far away from the Roomba.

Featuring fiction and poetry by:
Jason P. Burnham
Brandon Case
Kara Crawford
Deborah Davitt
Ec Dorgan
Cecil Fenn
Greta Hayer
Ai Jiang
Nathaniel Lee
Akis Linardos
Goran Lowie
Avra Margariti
Archita Mittra
Samir Sirk Morató
Taylor Jordan Pitts
Shana Ross
A.p. Thayer
Marcus Whalbring
Neon Yang

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