Darkness Blooms: Hardcover


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In the spring of 2021, we issued a call for submissions, asking writers to delve into the darker aspects of three intertwined concepts: identity, security, and community. We wanted them to explore the ways darkness—fascism, war, societal collapse—can seep into our lives insidiously, silently stretching its tendrils like creeping vines, or erupt with the sudden violence of a bursting seedpod.

We are thrilled to finally present this unforgettable collection. Purchasers will receive Darkness Blooms in hardcover, PDF, and Epub.

Featuring original stories by:
A. Katherine Black
Derrick Boden
Timothy Burkhardt
P.A. Cornell
Kitty-Lydia Dye
Alicia Hilton
A.P. Howell
Andrea Kriz
Nathaniel Lee
Gordon Linzner
Rodrigo Assis Mesquita
Andrew Milne
Marshall J. Moore
Josh Rountree
Denise Tanaka
Rebecca E. Treasure
Brian Trent

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