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    Discussion questions for this month’s Nightmare Fuel title are up in the Nightmare Fuel Book Club group. (Find it in the Connections dropdown by clicking Groups and navigating to Nightmare Fuel.) This month, club membership is free, but starting in December, Nightmare Fuel will be exclusive to Mechanists, Parishioners, Acolytes, and…Read More

  • Discuss how the women come together to end the threat to their community. Do you think the women’s actions are justified, or do they go  too far?

  • Patricia is the one person who remains suspicious of her handsome new neighbor despite his friendly and charming exterior. Why do you think she, out of all James Harris’s new friends in their quiet neighborhood, is more prone to considering the possibility of a menace in their midst?

  • The book is female-driven, and much of  the horror happens to women and children. How do all the women in the book club respond  to reports of strange or downright scary events, and how does their environment influence the different strengths and weaknesses they display?

  • After an uncomfortable introduction to the neighborhood, James Harris quickly and almost  seamlessly transitions into being a trusted resident. Why does he fit in so well despite his sudden and surprising appearance?

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    I can’t believe it’s less than 6 hours before the official launch. Starting tomorrow, people are allowed to have expectations! We’re reasonably certain all critical functionalities are operating as expected. (Which means tomorrow we’re going to have an inbox full of bug reports.)

    You may have noticed some new stuff if…Read More

  • The polls have closed! Next month, we’re reading The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires, by Grady Hendrix. Check out the brand new Nightmare Fuel page; a link to it can be found in the Connections dropdown menu.

    Throughout the month of November, club membership will be free and open to every user, but starting in December, the club…Read More

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    So far, everything appears to be functioning correctly where story pages and comments are concerned, which means we can move on to the next order of business: the book club.

    This week, I’m creating a special page for the book club and will hopefully be sending out emails to other indie publishers by Friday, inviting them to submit books…Read More

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    I Think

    I think he loved me, but I can’t tell now that his eyes are so glassy—looking straight through me, through everything, into infinity…or maybe at nothing. His pupils are so wide, and the tiny capillaries in the whites are so...

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