Inner Sanctum

On this page you can find all kinds of insider information. Learn about new features we’re considering and what projects we’re currently working on. You can also make feature requests, send bug reports, and submit feedback using the contact form below. Features and Projects are listed in order of priority, with the highest priority items appearing at the top of the list.


So far, everything appears to be functioning correctly where story pages and comments are concerned, which means we can move on to the next order of business: the book club.

This week, I’m creating a special page for the book club and will hopefully be sending out emails to other indie publishers by Friday, inviting them to submit books for consideration. Ideally, I would like for us to sell book boxes to members each month. These boxes would be sent in a branded mailer and would include:
1.) a signed copy of the book,
2.) a letter from the author,
3.) a themed, premium bookmark, designed by our artist, and
4.) a postcard containing information about the author and publisher, and reminders of meeting/event dates.

Part of the deal would involve author participation in the club the month their title is featured. For their book to be considered, they would have to be willing to complete an interview (conducted via email) and submit discussion questions.

Book club members will have the ability to review the books we read as well. Our review system allows users to rank various factors on a scale of 1-10: premise, authenticity, characters, dialogue, details, pacing, theme, clarity, and overall dread factor. The review system contains fields for pros, cons, a long-form analysis, and a summary. These reviews will be available on dedicated pages, and accessible to the public.

So, that’s what I am working on this week.

@jason is putting the final touches on our internal collaborative document editing software, which will allow Mechanists to easily review their story as we work through the editing process. It will also allow for teams of writers to collaborate on joint projects. We’re hoping to have this system finalized within the next week, as I grow weary of Google Drive’s unacceptable performance issues.

As always, if you have any questions or need anything at all, Discord remains the fastest way to get answers. Thanks for being awesome.


Light Mode

OVERVIEW: We’re working on creating a “Light Mode.” Rather than inverting all the colors, Alin will be designing this version herself to ensure it doesn’t look like garbage. Users will be able to switch between the modes through the My Stuff dropdown.

STATUS: We’re testing different potential solutions right now. Expect to see some version of this early-2021.


OVERVIEW: We’re considering introducing “Premium” Machinations. These exceptional stories would require a membership to view.

STATUS: We have the ability to implement this feature. We’re still debating the standards we will use to determine which Machinations deserve to be elevated to Premium status and adding those standards to the Submissions page.

Currency System

OVERVIEW: No, we’re not creating our own version of Bitcoin. However, we like the idea of users being able to purchase some kind of currency that can be distributed among the Mechanists, who can then cash that currency out or use it for critiques.

STATUS: We’re researching solutions and figuring out how best to implement the system. In the meantime, we’d love to hear feedback and/or suggestions from Disciples and Mechanists alike.

The Dread Machine App

OVERVIEW: We would like to offer an offline reading experience. The app would also include all of our Connect features.

STATUS: We have most of the skills necessary to pull this off, but the app is one of those “maybe summer 2021-ish?” things. We’re planning it out.

CHoose Your Own Dreadful Adventure

OVERVIEW: You know what would be cool? A mobile CYOA game.

STATUS: We are extremely interested in exploring this, but we’re going to have to assemble a team of writers. The Elder Gods have enough skills between them to make this happen, but it will take both time and money, so unless something drastic changes, we’re looking at early-2022.


We rely on Disciples and Mechanists to help us make The Dread Machine awesome. Please this form to request features, report bugs, and submit feedback. We value your participation.