Inner Sanctum

On this page you can find all kinds of insider information. Learn about new features we’re considering and what projects we’re currently working on. You can also make feature requests, send bug reports, and submit feedback using the contact form below. Features and Projects are listed in order of priority, with the highest priority items appearing at the top of the list.


Anthology: Darkness Blooms

OVERVIEW: We’re compiling stories for a Black Mirror-esque anthology full of dread-inspiring futuristic stories.

STATUS: Submissions are closed! Learn more about Darkness Blooms here.

Full Color Print Issues

OVERVIEW: You want print issues? YOU WILL GET PRINT ISSUES. 

STATUS: Alin has to finish a few large projects before she can dedicate time to this one, but it’s very high on our list of priorities. Expect our first quarterly volumes to become available in print in early-2022.

CHoose Your Own Dreadful Adventure

OVERVIEW: You know what would be cool? A mobile CYOA game.

STATUS: You know what would be cooler? Browser-based CYOA games that are playable on mobile and desktop computers without the need to install an application. Alin has figured out how to make this happen. Subscribers can expect to receive their first interactive story in early-2021.

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