Inner Sanctum

On this page you can find all kinds of insider information. Learn about new features we’re considering and what projects we’re currently working on. Features and Projects are listed in order of priority, with the highest priority items appearing at the top of the list. 


To influence these projects or propose your own, join our Discord server and let the Elder Gods know you're a Cultist.

Anthology: Darkness Blooms

OVERVIEW: We’re compiling stories for a Black Mirror-esque anthology full of dread-inspiring futuristic stories.

STATUS: Submissions are closed! Learn more about Darkness Blooms here.

Full Color Print Issues

OVERVIEW: You want print issues? YOU WILL GET PRINT ISSUES. 

STATUS: DONE! You can check out our print issues on Amazon or in our store.

Wretched & Alone

OVERVIEW: After making Wretched & Alone in 1986, our first solo journaling role-playing game, Alin decided she wanted to produce another one. Our next title will be available for all Cultists to download for free. (Mere acolytes will have to pay us for it.)

STATUS: Alin is currently putting together prompts and determining the look and feel of the game. Want to help out? Hit her up on Discord.


OVERVIEW: After several Cultists and Acolytes expressed their desire to support us through the glorious miracle of capitalism, we’ve been working on a merch line. We’re happy to announce that we’ve made significant progress.

STATUS: Sort of done. We have journals, totes, prints, and tech sleeves. (We’re still working on mugs and apparel…and apparently beer coozies, lighters, and kazoos…for some reason.)

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