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Project Status

To Do

Edits: See Below

Cover Art


ISBN & LOC Registration

Front Matter

Interior Formatting

Ebook Formatting

Editing Passes

Get an inside look at our production timeline. Stories go through multiple editing passes before interior formatting and final proofing. Here’s where each story in the TOC currently is in our process.

1. Alin

Alin performs the first round of edits.

The Dream and the Weaver

To Soar, Not Ever Knowing What Took You

Alin is actively working on this story right now:

Legacies in Light and Dark

2. Monica

Monica performs the second round of edits.

Welcome to the Organ Extraction Emporium

A New Night Parade

Three, Two, One

3. Author

The author performs their review, accepting changes they agree with and negotiating those they don’t.

The Stains of Now

Stages of Pre-Bereavement

No More Saudades

4. Resolution

Alin works with the writers to resolve all edits and finalize the draft.


Solar Midnight

5. Proof

The story is added to the virtual and physical templates. Virtual proofs are reviewed and approved by both the writer and editors to ensure a squeaky clean draft with proper formatting.


Boom Town

6. Done

The author is paid and the story is ready for publishing! (Anyone on this list who hasn’t received payment should notify Alin ASAP!)


Old Grief

Hard Time

Correctional Memory

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