Plane: Teleporter Operator SimulATOR

In a world where you can go anywhere, your job is to stay put.


As an Interdimensional Teleporter Operator employed by AstroFusion Express, you record the stories of those who step through your shimmering portal and traverse the planes. Each handwritten report becomes a thread connecting lives, destinies, and the ever-shifting fabric of reality.

Plane includes:

  • 3 game modes
  • 4 difficulty levels
  • 200+ prompts
  • 5 interdimensional mysteries
  • 10 premade characters
  • A character creation guide
  • A comprehensive guide to writing great reports
  • 3 printable forms
  • 20 possible endings
  • 80+ beautiful full-color pages
Available soon in PDF, paperback, and hardcover.

About the Game

Plane is a solo journaling RPG where players assume the role of an Interdimensional Teleporter Operator (or “ITO”) who processes quirky Travelers, confirming their Itinerary before sending them to their destinations and cataloging the Conditions and Souvenirs they return with. You’ll also spend time with your diverse and eccentric Coworkers at AstroFusion, home to several Interdimensional Mysteries, and one of the most bizarre workplaces in the multiverse. 

This job isn’t all fun and games, ITO. Teleporter Malfunctions are an ever-present threat, as are periodic Crises, and—like all conscious entities—every ITO has a Background, with Weaknesses and Fears to contend with.

To play, you’ll need:

  • A deck of standard playing cards
  • A D20 (or a dice rolling application)
  • A way to document your experience
  • A tumbling block tower (optional but recommended) or 10-30 tokens

Become A Playtester


Thank you for your interest in joining AstroFusion’s elite playtesting team! As a playtester, your insights and experiences will help shape the final product! We are seeking dedicated, imaginative individuals who are passionate about storytelling. Your role will be crucial in identifying potential issues, suggesting improvements, and ensuring the overall quality of the player’s experience.

Applicants must be members of our Discord community. Once approved, playtesters will have access to our private channel for Plane’s development.

AstroFusion values diversity and encourages applications from players of all backgrounds. Join us to leave your mark on the multiverse!


As a token of our appreciation, all playtesters will receive a credit in all editions of Plane: Teleporter Operator Simulator and a copy of the final game in PDF format.


Playtesters are expected to complete at least one full playthrough of Plane: Teleporter Operator Simulator and provide detailed feedback by submitting a report via our Google Form. This questionnaire includes insights on gameplay mechanics, game duration, narrative elements, and overall enjoyment. Testers must also be willing to elaborate on feedback provided, if necessary.


Confidentiality is paramount. Playtesters agree not to share, sell, or in any way distribute game files, screenshots, or narrative details. Playtesters also agree not to publicly discuss the game materials or their playtesting experience with anyone outside the AstroFusion team.

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