Plane: Teleporter Operator SimulATOR

In a world where you can go anywhere, your job is to stay put.

Plane is a solo-journaling RPG where you assume the role of an Interdimensional Teleporter Operator, a scientist-scribe who assists quirky travelers. You’ll also spend time with your diverse and eccentric coworkers at AstroFusion Express, home to several Interdimensional Mysteries, and one of the most bizarre workplaces in the multiverse. 

Inspired by games like Fox Curio’s Floating Bookshop (Ella Lim), Honeybuns (Cindi Malek), Coffee Talk (Toge Productions), and Spiritfarer (Lotus Games), Plane invites players to learn more about themselves and the strange world they live in through their experiences assisting other characters.

About the Game

Each day, travelers will arrive at and depart from your interdimensional teleporter. Your job is to coordinate and oversee these departures and arrivals, recording travelers’ stories for AstroFusion’s official records. Your reports do more than just log in-game events; they serve as the canvas for your creative expression, capturing your adventures, the hurdles you overcome, and the epiphanies you encounter along the way.

…but this job isn’t all fun and games, ITO. Teleporter Malfunctions and periodic Crises are an ever-present threat, and—like all conscious entities—every ITO has a Background, with Weaknesses and Trauma to contend with.

To play, you’ll need:

  • A deck of standard playing cards
  • A d20 (or a dice rolling application)
  • A way to document your experience
  • A tumbling block tower (optional but recommended)

Plane includes:

  • 3 game modes
  • 4 difficulty levels
  • 288 prompts
  • 5 interdimensional mysteries
  • 8 premade characters
  • A character creation guide
  • A comprehensive guide to writing great reports
  • 3 printable forms
  • 20 possible endings
  • 90+ beautiful full-color pages
Available soon in PDF, paperback, and hardcover.

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