Shadow Puppets

Kyle has a new neighbor at Valley Acres Trailer Park—a strange, pale girl named Winter, who has an abusive father…and a rare allergy to the sun.

The Old Fisherman’s Track


When businessman Chris Rowe spots the name ‘Jimmy Hepler’ in a newspaper, it exhumes dark and uncanny events from his childhood in 1986.

From Underneath


The narrator’s baby son refuses to come out from underneath the bed.

Iteration 571


Tlachoatl storms a freezing temple floating in space and tries to reach the chamber of the bone god in its heart. He fails again and again, and with every iteration, the temple changes in response.

Touching Distance


A blind man has volunteered to work on a research project that is using tactile feedback supplied by a bodysuit to represent visual information. As he navigates a simulation of an outdoor environment, he encounters virtual ghosts from his past, which crawl over his body, culminating in the recreation of a fatal incident he was involved in years ago. Can he understand what and why this is happening before it drives him mad, and so find peace at last?

Star Struck


A young man fresh out of school meets the man of his dreams when a movie star rolls into town. But he quickly discovers his new love’s dark side. Will the relationship cost him everything?

The Itch


Ever had an itch so intense, you want to tear your skin off?


A workaholic seeking to escape his failed personal relationships seeks solitude in the wilderness, and instead encounters a vicious Satyr, hellbent on sacrificing him.