Review for The Farm (tentative)

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(1) Are the characters interesting, likable, relatable, etc?
It was interesting enough to keep me reading to the end. The sibling relationship seemed authentic to me. It was easy to understand their dynamic right away. I was curious to learn about Ralph, where’s chapter 2?

(2) Is there an atmosphere of unease?
The most unease I got was just from the hospital setting. The doctor with his freakish hands was a red flag to me — with his super fugly nurses that shouldn’t be fugly! I think the atmosphere of a hospital with a sibling suffering in pain with nothing you could do about it is pretty uneasy. I am curious to see how it gets worse from here!

I put lower scores on PACING, THEME, DREAD FACTOR, PREMISE with reasons below.

Pacing: It’s hard to determine pacing off a single chapter here, but I didn’t find myself asking “get to the point”

Theme: Not sure I got the theme? Hospital in Haddonfield, shit’s bound to go wrong? This could probably be traced back to me being an amateur reader.

Dread factor: I put this low as I didn’t really feel “dread”, more-so fright for someone’s health problems?

Premise: Not sure I got the premise, but this could probably be traced back to me being an amateur reader.

Edit: adjusted per @Alin ‘s comments.

Premise 5.0
Authenticity 4.5
Characters 4.5
Dialogue 4.5
Details 5.0
Pacing 5.0
Theme 5.0
Clarity 4.5
Word Choice 4.5
Grammar 5.0
Spelling 5.0
Dread Factor 5.0
Helpful? 0 0

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