Review for The Farm (tentative)

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I found myself enjoying this, in spite of your relentless proclivity for passivity. (I’m joking. It wasn’t excessive or even very noticeable.) I felt the characters were very believable. Their dialogue sounded authentic, also. I do care about both of them, so much that I want to read the second chapter. Continue with this. Definitely.


Great characters. Authentic dialogue. Compelling premise.


I don't have Chapter 2.

Premise 5.0
Authenticity 5.0
Characters 5.0
Dialogue 5.0
Details 5.0
Pacing 5.0
Theme 5.0
Clarity 5.0
Word Choice 5.0
Grammar 5.0
Spelling 5.0
Dread Factor 5.0
Helpful? 0 0

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