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For some, the hardest part of writing is coming up with an idea and building a story world. At The Dread Machine, we’re always working to find new ways to inspire. Whether you’re struggling to clear a creative block or would simply prefer to write stories rather than create universes, we’ve put together several original worlds you can contribute to. 

Remember that worlds are massive places and time stretches infinitely in both directions. You’re free to write from any perspective. You can create your own rules, bend existing rules, or break them entirely. You don’t need our permission.

You want to write about a crew of vampire assassins who fight with the Datarats in Vox Humanis? Do it.

Are infected P-58 citizens suddenly developing strange powers? Awesome.

Has Six of Six formed an alliance with a pack of power-hungry lycanthrope CEOs? Spectacular.



If it inspires dread, we want it. The Dread Machine publishes dread-inspiring novels, novellas, poetry, and anthologies. More specifically, we accept dark fiction, speculative fiction, science fiction, and horror. We do not accept religious fiction or erotica.

All submissions must be in English.

We highly recommend taking your time to compose a solid summary. If the summary doesn’t intrigue us, your submission may be rejected outright.

We strive to review all submissions within 14-21 days. If we expect it will take longer, we will notify you in advance.

By submitting to The Dread Machine, authors verify that the work submitted is their own original creation.

Word Count

MICROFICTION: No more than 100 words.
FLASH FICTION: Up to 1,000 words.
SHORT STORIES: Up to 7,500 words.
SERIALS: 15,000+ words, at least 3 installments.
POETRY: You may submit up to three poems at one time.


Here at The Dread Machine, we like to keep things simple.

Step 1: Submit your work.
Step 2: Wait for us to contact you with an offer or a declination.
Step 3: If you receive an offer, you choose whether to accept, reject, or negotiate it.
Step 4: Once we make a deal, our team publishes and promotes your Machination on The Dread Machine.


We compensate contributors for approved submissions. How much we offer depends on the length, quality, and exclusivity of the piece.


Authors grant The Dread Machine continuing internet rights. Those who wish to have their submission featured as an Exclusive grant The Dread Machine first serial rights and exclusive rights for eight weeks, in addition to continuing internet rights.

Submission Form

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