Book Royalties

Authors whose manuscripts are accepted and published by The Dread Machine receive royalty payments. As a reminder, we are not a self-publishing service company or a vanity press. We only select a handful of titles for publication each year.

Narration Licenses

Mechanists who wish to offer narration licenses to YouTubers and podcasters can do so. The Mechanist sets the prices and has full control over which applications are approved.


Disciples (the devoted readers who follow a Mechanist) can show their enduring love by paying Tribute (making donations) directly to a Mechanist’s PayPal account. Tribute transactions occur through the use of a straightforward, standard PayPal button. The Dread Machine does not take fees from these payments. 

Mechanists who wish to collect Tribute must have a PayPal account. We do not support other platforms at this time.

Contest Winnings

First, second, and third place winners all receive cash prizes. Cash prizes are transferred electronically. We do not send physical checks.