On this page you can find all kinds of insider information. Learn about new features we’re considering and what projects we’re currently working on. You can also make feature requests, send bug reports, and submit feedback using the contact form below. Features and Projects are listed in order of priority, with the highest priority items appearing at the top of the list.


OVERVIEW: This feature will allow registered Disciples and Mechanists to rate Machinations and leave feedback. The Mechanist who authored the piece must indicate whether they wish to solicit feedback from the community upon submission. All ratings must follow our Community Rules.

STATUS: We have the ability to enable this feature. As of yet, we haven’t configured or tested it.


OVERVIEW: We’re considering introducing “Premium” Machinations. These exceptional Machinations would require either a membership or a small contribution to view. Once unlocked, Disciples will be able to access the Premium Machination whenever they like.

STATUS: We have the ability to implement this feature. We’re still debating the standards we will use to determine which Machinations deserve to be elevated to Premium status and adding those standards to the Submissions page.


OVERVIEW: We may introduce a third usergroup for users who help support the site by purchasing an annual membership. These users would be given the title of Initiate and will have access to all Premium Machinations.

STATUS: We have extensive experience managing premium membership systems, so implementing one on The Dread Machine won’t be difficult from a technical standpoint. We already have the infrastructure to support it. At this point, we’re debating the standards we will use to determine which Machinations deserve to be elevated to Premium status.

Currency System

OVERVIEW: No, we’re not creating our own version of Bitcoin. However, we like the idea of Disciples being able to purchase some kind of currency that can be distributed among the Mechanists, who can then cash that currency out or use it for contest entry fees.

STATUS: We’re researching solutions and figuring out how best to implement the system. In the meantime, we’d love to hear feedback and/or suggestions from Disciples and Mechanists alike.


We rely on Disciples and Mechanists to help us make The Dread Machine awesome. Please this form to request features, report bugs, and submit feedback. We value your participation.


The Home Page

OVERVIEW: You can view the current draft of our future home page HERE.

STATUS: The page layout is largely done. Nick (the Dread Machine’s Secret Police) feels the page is “too busy.” Alin (the Cult Leader) mostly agrees but, since she built the page with her bare hands over countless frustrating hours of trial and error, she is reluctant to remove anything without hearing from Disciples and Machinists first. In the meantime, populating the site with content will be a time-consuming endeavor and likely an expensive one. We hope to have enough Machinations to make the switch to our actual homepage by launch day, Halloween 2020.

The Dread Machine Podcast

OVERVIEW: Podcasts are an extremely powerful marketing tool. (The sponsor revenue will also be necessary to fund our ongoing marketing campaigns.) We plan to narrate one Machination each week and feature the Mechanist who created it.

STATUS: In her past life, Alin was a podcast host, so the only thing we’re waiting on here are submissions. 

The Dread Machine App

OVERVIEW: We would like to offer an offline reading experience, along with the ability to save, rate, and comment on Machinations. The app would also include all of our Connect features.

STATUS: We have most of the skills necessary to pull this off, but the app is one of those “maybe summer 2021-ish?” things. We’re planning it out.