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Michael Wehunt January 21, 2021

Stabat Mater

When Nolan’s pregnant wife develops a bizarre fascination with wasps—insects he’s both terrified by and severely allergic to—he’s unsure of how to handle it.

Claude Lalumière July 8, 2021

Marc and His Maman

Marc wants Maman to be perfect, but the transfer is a delicate process.

Evan Marcroft January 19, 2021

The Song of The Cicadas Underground

The daughter of an Irish immigrant returns to her mother’s homeland to search for the grave of her grandmother, who disappeared during The Troubles, and to reconnect with her neglected roots. In the course of her mission, however, she attracts the interest of dangers both human and not, and learns that some roots are best left underground.

Dawn Vogel October 1, 2021

Just Smile

A bartender educates a patron on why he should never, ever tell a woman to “just smile.”

Christina Ladd January 12, 2021

The Guernsey Hunt

When Mary Queen of Scots made England Catholic, her supporters were eager to burn heretics–especially wealthy ones. But in burning three women–one of them heavily pregnant–the perpetrators made a terrible mistake. Based on a true story.


Avra Margariti October 31, 2020

Honey Bear

“Come outside, dearest mine.
Come taste the spring honey
drip-drip-dripping from every hive.” Read this dark poem by Avra Margariti.

Avra Margariti December 8, 2020

The Domovoi

A strange mansion. A young servant. A rich couple. And a house spirit watching everything unfold.

Clay-McLeod-Chapman October 29, 2020


A cardboard box on the curbside. A magic marker missive: TAKE ME. Free books for someone to take. But what if these books shouldn’t be taken? What if they’re haunted?

Caleb Stephens September 11, 2021

The Atoll

We take shelter next to a low shelf of rock and watch the sun die a slow death on the horizon; an angry red eye drowned in a blaze of orange and yellow. Beneath it, the ocean is flat. A rippling, endless mirror, all of it one terrible display of beauty waiting to devour us like it did Hannah.

Kamen Pavloff March 16, 2021

Shooting the Messenger

Paranoic Miles has a healthy fear of vampires, so he’s eager to get out of Italy ASAP, but when people around him start dropping dead, Miles begins to wonder if he’s the real monster.


Jordan Hirsch October 20, 2020

Annie’s Alibi

These women and priests just don’t get it at all.

Aisling Campbell October 31, 2020


A predatory young man chooses the wrong girl to follow home from the Halloween disco.

Edith Lockwood August 12, 2022

A Lie, A Hope, A Piece, A Promise: From the Operative Record of Dr. Baba Yaga

With the help of her therapist, Dr. Yaga works hard to manage her addiction, but some days are harder than others.

Kris Ashton February 23, 2021

The Old Fisherman’s Track

When businessman Chris Rowe spots the name ‘Jimmy Hepler’ in a newspaper, it exhumes dark and uncanny events from his childhood in 1986.

Marc Joan June 17, 2021

Pieces on Earth

World leaders meet Mary Parraday’s miraculous children, who have been crafted through unique (and ethically questionable) genetic manipulation.


Lora Gray May 4, 2022

On This, Our Last Night at Station Six

Original poetry by Lora Gray.

Colleen Anderson November 19, 2021

King’s Suit

You need fine clothes to make the man.

Jason Kahler June 22, 2022

Walls, Stars, Eyes, Walls

A poem about prison and how it changes guys like you.

Avra Margariti March 2, 2022

Soft Eternity

She relinquished her control
Into my steady hands, the untamed part
Of her that had split open throats
And hearts through heaviest of armors.

Ai Jiang June 8, 2022

Where Are You Going?

Poetry by Ai Jiang.


C.M. Fields March 4, 2022


Concerns are being raised over the new treaty between Russia and North Korea…

Ed Nobody June 19, 2021

The Skull in the Sky

A beautiful, lyrical, dark creation myth.

Parker Ragland September 17, 2021

Cherry-Blossom Droid

A common proverb is that time heals all wounds. That is true only for humans. For them, memories fade into dull generalizations. For us droids, memories are always reproducible with uncanny sharpness, and they stay with us for as long as we live: forever.

M Shedric Simpson April 29, 2022

An Endless Sky Above

Alicia ventures from the safety of her subterranean bunker to attend a concert on the surface of a planet devastated by vicious, violent storms.

M. Shaw July 15, 2022


Play Apartémon, the number one AR (augmented reality) game for making New Friends!


Avra Margariti July 27, 2021

The Architect

A young girl’s obsession with teeth escalates, until alien forces become involved.

Daniel W Gonzales July 15, 2021

Moments Broken in TIme

Hell is eternal consciousness.

Ai Jiang June 8, 2022

Where Are You Going?

Poetry by Ai Jiang.

John Perilli May 13, 2022

It Is the Voice That Unnerves Me

Dorie’s memory of her deceased husband is being tainted by his Remembrance, a device that simulates his personality.

Evan James Sheldon February 18, 2021

From Underneath

The narrator’s baby son refuses to come out from underneath the bed.


Lauren C. Teffeau August 13, 2021

No Regrets on Fourth Street

Marco always said skins are an information courier’s best weapon. Constantly changing, they allow us to stump the cameras and operate safely in plain sight. He said it would be enough.

He was wrong.

M. Shaw July 15, 2022


Play Apartémon, the number one AR (augmented reality) game for making New Friends!

Renan Bernardo May 27, 2022

The Norms from Up Here

Thoughts are routed, filtered and processed to mold voices according to the Norm, making people obey “linguistic standards.”

Monica Louzon November 19, 2020

San Cibernético

An orphan discovers a mummified cyborg while hiding from scientists on his worldship and turns it into a cult saint.

Stephen S. Power December 25, 2021

Just Us

Jane meets her boyfriend’s parents via “connection,” a direct mental link. What could go wrong? Happy Holidays from The Dread Machine.


Celine Low February 2, 2022


Winter feeds on the body, first the ears, then the nose, fingers, toes.

Patrick Hurley November 25, 2021

Daily Gratitudes

What if we all just took a few minutes of every day to be grateful?

Andrew Giffin March 11, 2022

Punk’s Not Dead

Around me is complete chaos. The soldiers open fire, bullets everywhere. They’re better armed, but we’re out of our fucking minds.

David-Smith January 26, 2021

Under the Skin

A team of police officers confront evil in the basement of a drug house and must feed it to keep the residents of the city safe.

Caleb Stephens March 25, 2021

The Wallpaper Man

The Wallpaper Man can help you. He can make it all go away…if you give him the pain.

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