Community Rules


We have provided avenues to facilitate self-promotion intentionally. For instance, personal profiles support linking to social networks and websites. You’re welcome to promote yourself to your followers via your timeline as well.

However, you are not permitted to promote yourself through disruptive, obnoxious methods. For instance, you cannot post links to your blog or new book in the comments of completely unrelated posts.


As a company, The Dread Machine takes a firm, loud stance against discrimination and has a zero-tolerance policy with regards to hate speech.

Just so we’re clear about our values, we believe:

  • Black lives matter.
  • Trans lives matter.
  • Love is love.
  • Diversity is strength.
  • Feminism is empowerment.
  • Silence is complicity.

Freedom from discrimination is a human right. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. Hate speech and hateful people will both be removed from The Dread Machine with a swiftness.


We moderate comments in an effort to stop boner pill and knock-off Nike spam mostly, but also because we prefer civilized, respectful online spaces and refuse to give unproductive, useless commentary a platform.

Creating and sharing art is hard. Criticizing the art of others is easy. We encourage you to share your opinions and advice, but comments that are written to discourage, condemn, and shame rather than constructively and respectfully help a Mechanist are not welcome here.