Nightmare Fuel Application


At The Dread Machine, we prefer to prioritize and promote indie authors and publishers. Our book club, Nightmare Fuel, is one of the tools we use to connect our community with indie titles they’re sure to love. Each month, club members vote on which titles they’d like to read next. Together, we read the chosen volumes, discuss them in our Discord and our official group, and learn more about the author and publisher.


Our monthly schedule is as follows:

First Wednesday
Part 1 of the author’s interview is released. These questions pertain to the author and do not contain spoilers of any kind.

Second Wednesday
Discussion questions open to member commentary.

Third Wednesday
Review forms become accessible. Members who have finished reading the title may now submit their review and analysis.

Fourth Wednesday
Part 2 of the author’s interview is released. These questions pertain to the title and include spoilers. At 7PM, EST, the live meeting takes place in the Nightmare Fuel Discord channel. Authors and publishers are welcome to attend and participate.

Book Boxes

The Dread Machine offers members the opportunity to buy a Book Box each month. These boxes contain a signed copy of the title, a letter from the author, a Secret Missive from The Dread Machine’s editor, a themed premium bookmark, and a postcard containing information about the author, publisher, and upcoming club events. 


Club members have the ability to post in-depth reviews and their analysis of the featured title. These reviews are publicly accessible to anyone who wishes to read them. Members are required to write reviews in accordance with our guidelines, which dictate that reviews must be thoughtful, constructive, and thorough. Publishers and authors are permitted to use the reviews in their own marketing materials, provided they credit the reviewer and The Dread Machine.


For a title to be considered, The Dread Machine requires the following:

All authors must provide a headshot, a brief professional biography, and answers to our interview questions (via email). Authors must also provide a brief letter to our members in the form of a printable PDF. (Letters may be typed or handwritten and scanned.)

Publishers must provide their logo and a brief company description, along with a website URL, so we may include that information on the informative postcards that ship with the boxes.

Authors and/or publishers must be capable of supplying signed copies of the title at wholesale (or near-wholesale) pricing.

While not a requirement, we do appreciate it when authors and publishers provide us with discussion questions/topics, and with art and/or graphic files that can be used to create the themed bookmarks that are shipped with our book club boxes.


  • How much will you charge us for each signed copy? Don't feel compelled to undercharge. This just helps us determine what price to charge members when preorders open.
  • Is there anything else you'd like us to know?

Stay informed