Every dreadful thing we’ve ever published.

For Sale: Cursèd Object, Never Cleaned

Bree Wernicke February 23, 2022

In need of a spooky new statement decor piece? LOOK NO FURTHER!

Goodly Creatures

Austin Shirey February 18, 2022

When Crawford, a bioengineer, stumbles upon the eviscerated corpse of a florafox, she must hunt down her escaped biosynth—a dangerous benthomander whose genecode may have been compromised.

Today’s Face

Andrew Kozma February 11, 2022

The trouble with all looking and sounding the same is that it’s impossible to pick a voice out of the crowd.

Observer Effect

Geoffrey W. Cole February 9, 2022

Okana, a time-traveling surfer, lives to surf the biggest waves. When she removes her locator nodes, choosing to become stranded a billion years in the past, her husband races to learn why.

Nothing Separates You

James Parenti February 4, 2022

Nothing’s between you, so nothing separates you.


Celine Low February 2, 2022

Winter feeds on the body, first the ears, then the nose, fingers, toes.

To Invoke the Muse

Tianna Ebnet January 28, 2022

I live in the moment because that’s all I am. A moment, enjoyed in its time and gone in the next.

Palliative Dehiscence

Jason P. Burnham January 26, 2022

Don’t scratch now.
We’re so close.

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