Every dreadful thing we’ve ever published.

Stabat Mater

Michael Wehunt January 21, 2021

Nolan’s unsure of how to handle his pregnant wife’s bizarre obsession with wasps.

The Song of The Cicadas Underground

Evan Marcroft January 19, 2021

Some roots are best left underground.


Gourab Hazra January 14, 2021

The poem depicts the plight of Medieval villagers who have fallen prey to witches. They visited the hamlet guised as damsels and allured them into consuming the mangoes they had brought as an offering. The rural settlers were unaware of the fact that while they were enjoying this new delicacy, their beating hearts were growing as crops in the witches’ lair.

The Perfect Match

Ken Liu January 14, 2021

Sai can’t imagine life without his beloved virtual assistant, Tilly, until his new neighbor Jenny causes him to question her motives, and those of Centillion, the corporation that made her.

The Guernsey Hunt

Christina Ladd January 12, 2021

When Mary Queen of Scots made England Catholic, her supporters were eager to burn heretics–especially wealthy ones. But in burning three women–one of them heavily pregnant–the perpetrators made a terrible mistake. Based on a true story.

And Songs Don’t End

Osahon Ize-Iyamu January 7, 2021

A family must deal with the loss of their abusive mother, a constant singer who sang away all the monsters from attacking their dreams.

The Corpsehulk

Chris Black January 5, 2021

When the system’s outer colonists are subsumed by smartmetal gone rogue, Winnow finds herself aboard Earth’s makeshift defence fleet. But the Corpsehulk isn’t some simple flesh and chrome invader; it has a vision for humanity, perhaps one that Winnow shares.

The Station Agent’s Wife, 1927

Timothy G. Huguenin December 22, 2020

In the 1920s, an Appalachian woman has married a man whose job brings them out of poverty into the middle class. As she cares for her new baby while her husband works, strange white growths appear in the house.

A Breach in the Fence

Kevin David Anderson December 15, 2020

An undisciplined rottweiler breaks through a fence into a neighbors’s yard where a young child plays, unattended.


Kamen Pavloff December 15, 2020

Tommy is lost, walking along an abandoned road. He remembers his family and his normal life, but he fails to remember how he got himself on the road he is treading now.

Are You A Vessel?

Sloane December 15, 2020

A threatening email written by a hypnotic sender.

They Say Write What You Know

Flora Galena December 15, 2020

They say write what you know, but it’s hard to understand horror unless you’ve lived it.

The Taste of Ashes

Davide-Mana December 10, 2020

After a global pandemic, collecting the dead and bring them to the burning pits is a legit way to make a living. On her first day on the job, a young woman needs to learn the basics, and learn them fast.

The Domovoi

Avra Margariti December 8, 2020

A strange mansion. A young servant. A rich couple. And a house spirit watching everything unfold.

The Cleaner

Mark Towse December 3, 2020

Margaret’s a great cleaner. She leaves places spotless. You won’t recognise the place.

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